Thinkingdom Media Group Ltd. is a media enterprise focusing on content innovations, operating in following fields: books planning, publishing and distribution, e-books, books retail business, and copyrights related business such as book-to-film adaptation projects.On April 25th, 2017, Thinkingdom was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock code: 603096).Thinkingdom has worked in close and steady cooperation with more than 1000 domestically and internationally distinguished authors, including many Nobel laureates. Thinkingdom has published more than 3000 titles, yielding a pile of books which have sold more than 1 million copies, and a readership of more than 200,000,000. Thinkingdom has long cherished the motto: "To Fly Higher, To See Broader, and To Experience More Extensively and Freely," aiming to become one of the international leaders of the industry.

Latest Works

  • Jiedao Jianghu
  • Riyongzhidao
  • Julio Cortázar : CUENTOS COMPLETOS Ⅲ
  • 金閣寺
  • Reading the Silver Screen
  • 夢の化石 今敏全短篇
  • 映画を撮りながら考えたこと
  • The Book Thief
  • 家づくり解剖図鑑
  • 学生街の殺人
  • 倾城之恋 Love in a Fallen City
  • 解忧杂货店 Miracles of the Namiya General Store
  • 百年孤独 One Hundred Years of Solitude
  • 第七天 The Seventh Day
  • 爱心树 The Giving Tree
  • 撒哈拉的故事(2017版) 撒哈拉的故事(2017)
  • 窗边的小豆豆(2018版) 窓ぎわのトットちゃん
  • 平凡的世界 The Ordinary World
  • 牧羊少年奇幻之旅 Alchemist
  • 1Q84(2018版) 1Q84(2018版)

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